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This is where you can create your own account. It is free and allows you to save you favorite recipes. To create a new account, click on “Create Account” in the “My Account” menu at the top. Then, enter your full name, username, and password. To change your name or update your password, choose the “My Account” option after logging in.

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To save a recipe as a favorite, navigate to the recipe page and click the heart in the top right corner. It should turn red to indicate that the save was successful. To view your current list of favorite recipes, choose the “My Favorites” option from the “My Account” menu.

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Begin entering the name of the dish you want to make. As you type, the results below will narrow. Click on the recipe to go to its page.

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Add the ingredients you have available in your household. Type the ingredient, then hit enter to add it to the list. Once you are satisfied with the list, click the search button. Recipes that contain the highest frequency of the ingredients you provided will appear below. Click on a recipe to go to its page.

Global Search Bar:

Located at the top right of each page. Enter the name of the food item into the bar. Click on the item you want from the drop-down menu.

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